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Gardeners Stationery? Never heard of it!

Date Posted: 19 July 2021
All keen gardeners should have some of these essential bits of stationery!
If you’ve been gifted a new pair of gardening secateurs this year, here are just five examples of Japanese plants that you may choose to grow or may already have in your garden that will require at least some pruning throughout the year.
For many novice gardeners, the choice between Japanese secateurs and garden shears may not seem like an important one. After all, they supposedly do the same job, the handle length being the only distinguishing factor between the two. However, there are many subtle differences between the two and choosing one over the other may make your gardening experience that much more enjoyable.
One of Japeto's resident gardeners puts the new Japeto Garden Digging Spade through its paces and provides a lovely personal angle to the process of digging in the garden!
Japanese secateurs are a fantastic option for both novices and experts alike, offering plenty of unique benefits, even if they may not be noticeable on a first glance. Here’ everything you need to know.

Japanese Gardens For Small Spaces

Date Posted: 30 December 2020
Even in its country of origin, the Japanese garden is not always a large, luxurious one. As more and more people are struggling for large open spaces, especially in urban or even suburban areas, gardens have had to accommodate to meet this way of living.

How to Create A Japanese Garden

Date Posted: 30 November 2020
Japanese gardens are some of the most famous types of garden in the world. They evoke a sense of calm, spirituality and have a unique aesthetic that seems to add beauty to any outdoor space. It’s no surprise that this important cultural aspect has slowly made its way into Western gardening.

NEW Japeto garden tools coming in December!

Date Posted: 18 November 2020
Japeto has some exciting new products coming into stock in early December!...

The 5 Best Plants for Your Japanese Garden

Date Posted: 29 October 2020
Here are some of our favourite examples that can plant the first seed in creating your perfect Japanese garden. These plants differ in type and style to give some variation and will provide you with a treat for the eyes as you enjoy your very own corner of paradise.

Gardening Tools Gift Guide

Date Posted: 06 July 2020
We’ve created a gift guide tailored to those with a love and passion for everything green. Our products focus specifically on Japanese gardening, but can certainly be used by any sort of gardener.