Everything You Need To Know About Japanese Secateurs

Date Posted: 08 January 2021

No matter how serious you are about gardening, getting to know your tools is one of the first steps to success and creating the garden of your dreams. Finding the right tools for the right task can be daunting at first, but having the perfect set that are long lasting and efficient, it will elevate your gardening to new levels.

In terms of Japanese gardening tools, there are many products to choose from that work wonders in your garden. However, one of the staples of any serious gardener’s collection should be a good pair of secateurs. The right pair will be able to serve you for countless gardening jobs, from the most delicate plants all the way to thick tree branches and wood; their versatility really is as long as a piece of string. 

Japanese secateurs are a fantastic option for both novices and experts alike, offering plenty of unique benefits, even if they may not be noticeable on a first glance. Here’ everything you need to know.

What are Japanese Secateurs?

Also known as pruning shears, secateurs are a type of scissors used exclusively for cutting plants, branches and trees. They are characterised by sharp metal blades and short handles, unlike loppers, which are specifically designed with a longer handle for thicker objects that secateurs are not able to cut. 

What types of Japanese Secateurs Are There?

There are two main types of styles and types of blades when it comes to Japanese secateurs. 

Stainless steel blades

These blades are a fantastic choice for gardeners concerned about corrosion, as these blades have a high resistance to such conditions. This is due to a protective layer of chromium oxide layer that covers the steel surface after the heat treatment. On the other hand, these blades are not as durable in the long term as the carbon steel alternatives.

Carbon steel blades

These blades are an incredibly durable tool with an almost guaranteed long lifespan, no matter what kind of task you need it to do. However, in contrast to stainless steel blades, corrosion and staining is a concern with a carbon steel blade and they may require more care and attention. 

Uses of Japanese Secateurs

Japanese secateurs can be used in a variety of circumstances that require pruning, cutting or snipping. This of course, includes gardening, but could also extend to activities such as farming and nature conservation. 

The versatility of these tools and the various thicknesses and materials they are able to handle means that they can truly become a staple, multipurpose tool for gardeners in particular. From flowers to tree branches up to 2cm thick, Japanese secateurs are an extremely intuitive and user friendly tool designed to make cutting an easy experience. 

Just some of the uses for Japanese secateurs include:

  • Cutting and pruning flowers and flowerbeds 

  • Harvesting produce, such as vegetables, especially those with thick stalks. 

  • Clearing and tidying up tree branches or overgrown shrubs

Benefits of Japanese Secateurs

User friendly build

Japanese secateurs boast an ergonomic and comfortable design which relies on cushioning, taking strain away from the user and utilising the v-spring. This gear provides a smoother experience and makes for an efficient and clean cut. The ‘handy’ catch at the bottom of the handles also serves to create this more efficient gardening experience. Busy gardeners will particularly enjoy this feature, as striking the handle against the body is enough to open and close the latch if your hands are otherwise occupied. 

High quality finish

Japanese gardening tools, just like Japanese knives, are fantastic examples of craftsmanship when it comes to cutting. The secateurs are made from high quality materials such as carbon or stainless steel and with the right care are bound to stand the test of time and become a staple in your gardener’s toolkit. Their razor sharp blades make for even and efficient cutting, so you don’t need to worry about straining yourself or breaking them, no matter how long you use them for.

Dual purpose design

Gardening tools exist to create something beautiful and in turn, should look beautiful themselves. Many Japanese secateurs, including ours from Japeto, are finished with plastic coated handles painted in white and red as per traditional Japanese gardening. Not only does this pay tribute to the colours of the Japanese flag, but it served a functional purpose as well. There’ll be no more losing your secateurs in the grass day or night with these bright colours. They provide a safer and more pleasant experience all round.

Japeto’s Japanese gardening secateurs are also sold with a stunning canvas bag, which makes for the perfect storage solution for when they are not in use, preserving the life of the tool, as well as giving it a stylish home in between uses.


Japanese gardening secateurs are a staple in your gardening shed and will help you through multiple projects, whether it’s delicate work or a task requiring a more durable piece of equipment. If you are ready to add some to your collection, We offer a selection of high quality Japanese garden tools, including our much-loved Japanese secateurs.