Japeto Pattern

Japanese Gardening Tools

For centuries Japanese gardeners have embraced nature’s creative force.
Beautiful spaces harmoniously envisaged, and precisely realised.

Our inspiration grew from the multi-purpose, exacting garden tools of Japan, impeccable
design honed to perfection by generations of devoted gardeners. The tools' combination
of wood, carbon steel and clean, sharp edges ensures easy, comfortable handling and
lightweight precision.

Rooted in this tradition, our mission is to equip you with the intuitive, inspiring tools you need
to realise your vision.

Our collection, handpicked from around the world, also includes classic gardeners' essentials,
and has been developed with this philosophy of precision, ease and creativity in mind.
So whether you’re a budding enthusiast, flourishing amateur or professional gardener,
you can personalise your toolset and nurture the possibilities wherever they grow.

Japeto makes long days in the garden light work.