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Gardeners Blog

Japeto at Garden shows this summer!

Date Posted: 16 April 2019
Japeto Ltd will be at no less than 6 garden shows this year...the first at Ardingly Spring Fair between 5-6th May. Find out more here, come and see us and try the products on site!

Gifts for gardeners

Date Posted: 27 March 2019
Buying presents for gardeners is never easy because most gardeners know what garden tools they want and they know what garden tools they like. Gifts for gardeners tend to be the same old tried and tested garden forks, garden trowels and gardening gloves...Japeto offers the perfect presents for gardeners because Japanese garden tools are usually an entirely new concept, but once a gardener uses them there is often no going back to more conventional garden tools!

Jobs in the Garden Part II

Date Posted: 06 February 2019
In the earlier blog posted in January (Jobs in the garden!) I outlined our plan to turn a roughly oblong area of ground into a parterre (Oxford English Dictionary definition: a level space in a garden occupied by an ornamental arrangement of flower beds).

Enjoying Japanese Gardens in the Winter

Date Posted: 13 December 2018
For western countries that experience the highs and lows of all four seasons, winter may not be your first choice when it comes to enjoying a garden. Even though we may have seen and perhaps even enjoyed a garden specifically cultivated for the winter, it is likely the enjoyment came in spite of the time of year, rather than because of it.

How to Grow Banana Plants Without Going Bananas

Date Posted: 18 September 2018
I'm going bananas. I am not quite sure what got me into growing banana plants, but this short blog examines the pleasure that can be derived from seeing banana plants grow from seed.
Japanese gardens are serene and simple places of calm, providing a peaceful retreat for reflection and meditation. They avoid the extravagance of many Western garden designs, and consist mostly of evergreens, rocks, pebbles, sand, ponds and waterfalls. A Japanese garden consists of six key elements, and two distinct different types: those designed for walking, and those intended to be viewed from a building or veranda.

Herbaceous border Part II

Date Posted: 31 July 2018
A new herbaceous border...the story continues.
Every serious gardener needs to know about Japanese garden tools. They are long lasting, practical and used for many precise gardening tasks. Whilst there are many Japanese gardening tools to consider for your toolbox, a hori hori knife offers plenty of multi-purpose benefits - and for those unsure about its various uses and benefits, here’s everything you need to know.

A new herbaceous Border

Date Posted: 23 March 2018
Putting in a new herbaceous border after 35 years!

Jobs in the Garden!

Date Posted: 09 February 2018
There are so may jobs to be getting on with in the garden – yes even in cold February!
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