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Hori Hori Slimline

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New from Japeto comes the Hori Hori Slimline!

We are sorry for the inconvenience but due to huge demand this product is now sold out. We will update this page when we know a likely date for replenishment of stocks.

The traditional Hori Hori knife is now available from Japeto in a slightly smaller and more compact version. Weighing in at only 270g the Hori Slimline is lighter than the ever popular Hori Deluxe, and has a shorter handle at only 120mm compared to 140mm on the Japanese Hori Hori Trowel Knife. It also features a string cutter not available on the other two models.

Although smaller than its two alternatives, it is equally strong, with the blade running through the entire handle. The Hori Slimline is designed for those with slightly smaller hands, as the handle tapers from 20 mm in thickness (by the blade) to 10 mm in thickness. Both other Hori trowel handles are 20 mm thick throughout.

  • Great for weeding, planting (bulbs or seeds), cutting and sawing through roots.
  • Universal and essential tool for multi fuctional use throughout the garden
  • Smaller ergonomically designed handle suitable for people with smaller hands
  • Comes complete with vegan leather pouch
  • String cutter on blade