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Looking for the ideal christmas present for a gardener?

Want to buy the best quality, most unusual present for a gardener?...

Look no further...Japeto guarantees that your gardening loved one will be delighted with this hori hori knife from Japeto this Christmas.

Top of the range Hori Hori Knife Deluxe & leather holster.

As featured in the Sunday Times!

The new hori hori knife is concave in shape allowing for easy weeding and manipulation of soil. One side is serated for cutting through roots and difficult weeds while the other side provides a blade for cutting and chopping. The blade is marked up very clearly with a depth guage in both mm and inches which aids with planting and seeding to the correct depth. The blade also includes a hand guard to help prevent your hand slipping down the rosewood handle when using in a vigorous way. Lastly this high quality hori hori knife also comes complete with a robust leather holster which can be attached to a belt allowing easy access for the busy gardener!

As usual this high quality product is supplied in an attractive Japeto canvas bag and presented in a beautiful craft cardboard box making it an excellent present for any gardener.

  • Beautifully made rosewood handle
  • Blade is manufactured from solid stainless steel and runs throughout the length of the handle making it incredibly strong
  • Includes robust leather holster
  • Depth guage on blade in mm or inches
  • Blade guard
  • Superb quality blade with serrated and cutting edges
  • Weight: 302g, Length: 310mm, Width: 41mm

***Important: All products sold by Japeto are for use as garden tools or for use in the garden. However some garden products including the Hori Hori Knife and Grafting knife could be classified as knives due to the fact they possess a blade. Japeto is not permitted to sell a knife or blade to any person under the age of 18. By placing an order for one of these items you are declaring that you are 18 years of age or over. These items must be used responsibly and appropriately***

The big brother to the original Hori Hori knife sold by Japeto. Japeto brought in this new Hori Hori knife as it offered a number of benefits over the original very good hori knife.

This model is superior for the following reasons:

1. The blade runs through the entire handle of the knife making it stronger than the standard version

2. The Hori Hori Deluxe blade is made from high quality stainless steel, the standard is made from carbon steel which requires more maintenance and can rust without care.

3. The blade is slightly thicker than the original Hori Hori Knife

4. It comes complete with a handguard which prevents your hand from slipping down the handle of the Hori Hori Knife with vigorous use.

5. The handle is superior in quality and made from rosewood.

6. It comes complete with a durable high quality leather holster which can attach to any belt.

Product Personalisation

Please note delivery time for personalised products is 5 working days although we will of course endeavour to deliver sooner

Handle (Initials only) (Max 3 characters) £6.95

Blade (Max 20 characters) £9.95

Holster (Max 20 characters) £9.95

Customer Reviews

(30 reviews)
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5 Stars from me.
Reviewed on 08/01/2021 by Luke

I recently purchased a Hori Hori Knife Deluxe and Leather Holster from you and I wanted to send you a massive thank you.

The presentation of the knife, the quality and the precision are amazing and I absolutely love it!

I will certainly be back to buy more of your products.

5 stars from me.

Thank you for the review!
Reply on 08/01/2021 by Japeto

We're so happy to hear that Luke. 

We can't wait to have you back for more! :) 

Beautifully well made tool
Reviewed on 14/12/2020 by Safina

I have now been using the hori hori for a couple of months and I love it’s versatility. It’s all so such a beautifully well made tool. 

Thank you for the review!
Reply on 14/12/2020 by Japeto

We're so glad you're enjoying your Hori Hori knife Safina! 

Fantastic Hori Hori Knife
Reviewed on 14/12/2020 by Ben

An amazing hori hori - don't buy them anywhere else

Thank you for the review!
Reply on 14/12/2020 by Japeto

Thank you for the review Ben! 

May you have many happy hours gardening with your Hori Hori knife. 

Reviewed on 08/12/2020 by Norma

Thanks very much.  The item has arrived and I am absolutely delighted with the product.  Excellent quality.  Will definitely be buying more of your products and recommending them.

Thank you for the review!
Reply on 08/12/2020 by Japeto

Thank you for the review Norma! 

We hope you enjoy your Hori Hori knife. 

Incredible product and service
Reviewed on 22/11/2020 by Phil Cormie

Having only recently purchased a number of the deluxe hori hori for the gardeners I work with, my only regret is not ordering them earlier!

A versatile tool for using around the garden especially in the rockery where planting and weeding can be difficult with a traditional trowel. A great tool for weeding, bulb planting and planting!

Hori Hori knife review
Reply on 22/11/2020 by Japeto

Thanks Phil. Its great to get feedback from such avid gardeners. The Japeto hori hori knife is widely regarded as the best hori knife on the market...certainly by the professional gardeners we are lucky to count as customers.

Excellent Craftmanship!
Reviewed on 12/11/2020 by Geoff

Very impressed with everything, fast delivery, good packaging & canvas bag , excellent craftsmanship quality and finish.

Thank you for the review!
Reply on 12/11/2020 by Japeto

Thank you for the reivew Geoff.

We hope you have many happy hours gardening with your trowel! 

Hori Hori Knife Deluxe & Leather Holster
Reviewed on 10/11/2020 by Geoff

Very impressed with everything, fast delivery, good packaging & canvas bag , excellent craftsmanship quality and finish .

Thanks for the Hori knife review Geoff!
Reply on 10/11/2020 by Japeto

The Hori Knife is our most popular selling product and widely regarded as the best hori knife on the market fully worthy of your 5 star review!

Hori Hori
Reviewed on 06/11/2020 by carl

bought this as a all round tool for the garden and used it today for the first time. great piece of kit for doing work around the garden so easy to use

Best garden tool!
Reply on 06/11/2020 by Japeto

The Hori Hori knife is always said to be the bit of garden tool equipment that people cant believe they have done without! Thanks for the review!

Rating 5!
Reviewed on 23/10/2020 by Stephen Skinner

Rating 5!

Thank you for the swift delivery of my last two orders, securely packaged.

The Deluxe Hori Hori Knife a has proved invaluable so far. All the tools I have ordered are made to a high standard and quality. The drawstring bag included is also appreciated.

Thank you, I certainly have no hesitation in placing a further order.

Thank you for the review!
Reply on 23/10/2020 by Japeto

Thank you for the review Stephen! 

May you have many happy hours gardening. 

Essential Tool For The Garden!
Reviewed on 21/09/2020 by Mark Ibbotson

We have enjoyed using our new Hori Hori Knives in the garden. Very useful weeding, cutting and planting bulbs.

We rate them  5 and would recommend this as an essential tool for the garden

Thank you Mark!
Reply on 21/09/2020 by Japeto

Thank you for the lovely review Mark! 

We hope you spend many more happy hours in the garden with your Hori! 

Impressive Quality!
Reviewed on 07/09/2020 by Anthony White

Thank you for the very prompt despatch of my knife. I an very impressed with the quality of this and its sturdy construction. I believe this will become a very useful addition to my gardening toolkit

Thank you for the review.
Reply on 07/09/2020 by Japeto

Thank you for the kind words Anthony!

We really hope you enjoy this fabulous tool. 

Reviewed on 14/07/2020 by Tim

I have longed for this product for a while now having heard about them on Gardens Question Time Radio 4.... what a beautiful tool, murders dandelions in one swift painless action, great for digging, weeding, dock plants don't stand a chance neither do blackberry runners! Only slight criticism is the top of the hand needs to be a little more rounded but thats easily solved second criticism is the leather holster is poor quality compared with the quality of the tool but it won't be spending too much time in that anyway. Holster should have snap fasteners on the belt loop rather than having to remove your belt to fit and remove.

Never the less, this is the must have tool for every gardener.

Thanks for the review
Reply on 14/07/2020 by Japeto

Tim, we take your comments about the holster on board. However we wondered if there was a confusion between this hori deluxe knife and the standard one? We find the Hori deluxe holster to be of excellent quality, although the standard one is more for packaging purposes.

Thank you for taking the time to review the hori hori knife.

Reviewed on 14/07/2020 by Tim

I have longed for this product for a while now having heard about them on Gardens Question Time Radio 4.... what a beautiful tool, murders dandelions in one swift painless action, great for digging, weeding, dock plants don't stand a chance neither do blackberry runners! Only slight criticism is the top of the hand needs to be a little more rounded but thats easily solved second criticism is the leather holster is poor quality compared with the quality of the tool but it won't be spending too much time in that anyway. Holster should have snap fasteners on the belt loop rather than having to remove your belt to fit and remove.

Never the less, this is the must have tool for every gardener.

Thank you for the review Tim
Reply on 14/07/2020 by Japeto

Thank you for the feedback Tim.

We're sorry to hear that the leather holster wasn't quite as expected. However, we sell many hundreds of these propducts and customers are generally very happy/ satisfied with the quality. 

We hope you have many happy hours gardening with this amazing product! 


Five out of five, well done!
Reviewed on 18/06/2020 by Peter Tansey

We’ve already used the hori hori knife. My wife, who I bought it for, loved the hori hori and I was impressed by its sturdiness and construction

I’d give you five out of five. Well done!

Thank you for the feedback!
Reply on 18/06/2020 by Japeto

Peter, many thanks for the feedback!

May you and your wife have many happy hours gardening. 

Delivery was remarkably quick
Reviewed on 15/06/2020 by Gordon, South of England

Delivery was remarkably quick and the quality of the Hori Hori knife is excellent.

In just a couple of days it has replaced the onion hoe as my favourite gardening tool, largely because of its versatility. It deals brilliantly with tap rooted weeds and bindweed and is also perfect for planting out small plants. 5 stars.

Favourite garden tool!
Reply on 15/06/2020 by Japeto

Its great to hear that the hori Hori knife is now your favourite garden tool! Thank you for your lovely review.

Superb customer service!
Reviewed on 11/06/2020 by Genna Blair, Ascot

Wow...a company that actually communictaes with people! My partner bought one of your hori hori knives but we did not receive delivery for 4 days. We e mailed Japeto and received a very quick response and shortly afterwards our knife turned up. It was just nice to know someone was there listening to us. We appreciate that during this difficult time there can be delivery issues but communication is key for us.

Thank you for your kind words
Reply on 17/06/2020 by Japeto

We will always endeavour to answer enquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible

A small garden wonder
Reviewed on 09/06/2020 by Richard Littledale, Newbury

A small garden wonder

 Took delivery of this yesterday, and tried it out today. I can honestly say that I have done a whole morning's gardening, and it is just about the only tool I have used. The pointed blade is ideal for getting underneath the weeds, and the serrated edge makes short work of stems too tough to dig out.  The rosewood handle feels lovely, and the whole thing has the reassuring weight of quality about it. It also clearly has miraculous properties - since this is the first time I have ever enjoyed weeding!

Garden reviews!
Reply on 09/06/2020 by Japeto

Richard thank you for your gardeners review. Those are lovely words!

Thank you for the hori hori knives
Reviewed on 05/06/2020 by Ben Smith, Professional Gardener, Pristine Gardens, London

Just to thank you for the hori hori knives  - I am a professional gardener and have been  using these knives for some years - these ones are excellent and strong - a fabulous product

Strong and sturdy Hori Hori Knife
Reply on 05/06/2020 by Japeto

Thanks for the review about garden products Ben. We believe that the Hori Hori Deluxe is certainly one of the strogest and best made hori hori knives on the market. With the deluxe version what is worth pointing out is that the metal of the blade goes right through the wooden handle whereas many other models only go half way. The stainless steel is also thicker than others on the market.

Great company, great tools!
Reviewed on 03/06/2020 by Mike Jerome, Thirsk

My partner and I are both employed as gardeners, and as such are always on the lookout for newer and better tools. A colleague initially lent me his hori hori knife, and I was very impressed and decided to buy one myself. It is easily one of the best horticultural tools I own. I've used it to chop untidy perennials, dig, plant, grub out weeds and saw woody stems. (It's also great fun to throw into the ground I must say!). My partner is a big fan of her new folding saw and (particularly) her garden scissors, probably as they're very comfortable to use. The staff at Japeto were very quick to respond to my enquiries regarding my engraving, and were both polite and courteous. Its hard to argue with the fast delivery time too! Great company, great tools.

Versatile garden tools
Reply on 03/06/2020 by Japeto


Thank you for much for taking the time to write such a fullsome review of garden tools and service Japeto provides. We are delighted you and your partner are so happy with the products. In your review you touch on one of the things that we feel makes Japanese garden tools so good: versatility. The Hori Hori knife sums this up perfectly as it can do so many jobs...an ideal garden tool that should always be by your side. We hope you get many happy years gardening out of Japeto garden tools!

Thanks for your assistance
Reviewed on 22/05/2020 by Iain Knowles, Alfreton

Thought I would drop you a quick line to say thanks for your assistance. Following my e-mail the trowel knife arrived early the following day, it is a lovely piece and appreciated by my wife the gardener.

Glad we could help!
Reply on 22/05/2020 by Japeto


we are just happy you are happy. With all the issues surrounding COVID19 sometimes deliveries do not run exactly as normal, but we will always stay in communication. We are pleased you like the Japeto Hori Hori Deluxe.

Review of 2 parts!
Reviewed on 20/05/2020 by Ian Bye, Horncastle

1/ The Japeto team provide excellent customer service both at ordering & follow up stages, which in the current Covid circumstances, is more difficult for them & is far better than many online firms.

I can only thank them for their help & back up. My order was not big, but it seemed as though the team took a personal interest in their customer(s).Delivery came promptly & goods well & safely packed.


2/ The quality of the deluxe Hori knife is superb, well made & designed, with an excellent finish to both wood & metalwork. Lighter than I thought & a good 'feel' when used. Great value for money, as leather sheath alone (again well made) was more costly by a rival company as an optional extra.


The distance measuring tool was a new one on me & a try out, it works brilliantly at what it does, even in quite confined spaces in a border. As a tool in the vegetable garden it seems to do almost two things at once...measuring & digging hole!

A very comprehensive gardeners review!
Reply on 20/05/2020 by Japeto



Thank you very much for your full and detailed review of Japetos customer service and products.

We are delighted that you are so happy with the products and service. We are indeed interested in every order and every customer because we like to think about the joy they might bring you and the different uses each of our garden tools will get over the years you have them!


Once again many thanks for your custom.

First time user!
Reviewed on 18/05/2020 by Richard Hall, Lincoln

First time user. Very easy to use website and an impressive array of choice of items. Perfect for a gardener's birthday present

Gardeners birthday presents
Reply on 18/05/2020 by Japeto

Thank you for your review Richard. We do find we sell a lot of garden products that are suiitable as gifts for gardeners.

As each product comes individually wrapped in a canvas bag and then a craft box the gardeners present is already wrapped!

We are always very busy at Christmas as these are always great Christmas gifts for gardeners...particularly the Japeto Garden Tool Set.

Best quality hori hori knife
Reviewed on 13/05/2020 by John Praite, Felixstowe

Purchased a deluxe Hori Hori knife and weeding hoe. Delivered within 24 hours and very well packaged and presented. The tools are well constructed, aesthetic and lightweight.  Both tools work well and can see them having a lot of use on my allotment and garden. Well recommended both the  tools and the company

Hori Hori Knife for life!
Reply on 13/05/2020 by Japeto



Thank you so much for taking the time to review the Japeto Hori Hori Deluxe garden knife. We are delighted you are so happy with Japetos service.

Too good to get dirty!
Reviewed on 30/04/2020 by Kathryn Dubar, Holsworthy

My hori hori knife arrived yesterday and it looks fantastic.  Beautifully presented, weighty and almost too good to get dirty!  Thank you for excellent service.  

Keep it clean!
Reply on 30/04/2020 by Japeto

Haha...dont worry about getting your Hori Hori Knife dirty...thats what it is for!...and dont forget if you want to keep it nice and clean simply buy some camillia oil and a Japeto cleaning block!

A fantastic tool!
Reviewed on 03/12/2019 by John Lewis

Why did I not think about buying a Hori Hori trowel years ago.

A fantastic tool for weeding, digging up well rooted shrubs, dividing perennials, cutting open your compost bags. 

Keep your Hori Hori clean and sharp and you will have a multi tool that will make your time spent in the garden easier and enjoyable .

Thank you John!
Reply on 03/12/2019 by Japeto

Thank you for such kind words John. We hope your Hori continues to serve you well! 

Reviewed on 04/10/2019 by R A Ball

Item arrived very promptly and well-packaged.

Thanks for the review.
Reply on 04/10/2019 by Japeto

Thank you, we appreciate your review.

Both service and goods a clear 5!
Reviewed on 22/08/2019 by Tom & Susan

Both service and goods a clear 5!

After having a helpful conversation with the team we ordered a deluxe knife, stainless steel secateurs and deadheading clippers.

All were delivered on time in impeccable packaging.

Quality and specification of every item is outstanding. The knife is far superior to the one we lost so carelessly.  The cutting tools are much better than anything that is available locally.

Such kind words!
Reply on 22/08/2019 by Japeto

Thank you for your review Tom and Susan, we really appreciate it! 

We really pride ourselves on our products and our service that we provide! 

Reviewed on 08/08/2019 by Mary R

Excellent, I wish to buy 2 more. 

Thank you Mary!
Reply on 08/08/2019 by Japeto

We appreciate your very positive review!

Best Hori Hori Knife i have seen
Reviewed on 24/05/2019 by James Compton, Chichester

What a tool!...I previously had the Japeto hori hori, but was persauded to try this one at a recent garden show Japeto were at. Its even better and thats saying something. this one is even stronger (ok a little heavier) but had a hand guard and nice leather pouch if you like that sort of thing - I dont really use it. But all round quality is superb...thoroughly recommended 

Japeto hori deluxe
Reply on 24/05/2019 by Japeto

Many thanks for such a lovely review James. The new Deluxe Hori Hori Knife has become very poular. for the extra few £'s a lot of people think its very good value :-)

Quality products and great delivery service
Reviewed on 02/05/2018 by Philip Bloxham, Mansfield

Ordered a selection of tools as a present for the good wife who is well into her gardening. Great bits of kit and she is very pleased. Easy ordering procedure and rapid delivery.  Well done for using DPD who give me a 1 hour delivery slot which helps me to plan my day. 

Reply on 08/05/2018 by Japeto

Thank you Philip, we pride ourselves on our high quality gardening range as well as our prompt next working day delivery.