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Japanese Hori hori trowel knife

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Japanese Hori Hori Trowel Knife

A classic Japanese garden product which provides an essential multi-purpose tool for working all round the garden including weeding, cutting, planting and sawing (i.e. roots)

Handle: ergonomically crafted handle in wood 170mm.
Blade: sharp/serrated carbon steel blade 155mm x 40mm. Inch markings on blade assist accurate depth planting. Includes belt hung holster.

Known also as a Hori-Hori knife or Japanese soil knife the Japeto Hori Hori Trowel knife is an essential and highly versatile garden tool. Used in Japanese gardens throughout history this traditional Japanese garden tool was named ‘Hori’ after its Japanese meaning ‘to dig’. According to many sources the Hori Hori knife was first introduced and used to carefully excavate plants such as Sansai in the Japanese mountains. So in essence this is a garden knife that digs, but what makes it so versatile a garden tool is it has many more functions than just that!
The carbon steel blade is very sharp on one side and serrated on the other making it the perfect garden hand tool for weeding, cutting roots, cutting twine, sod cutting and deadheading plants. The blade is also slightly curved which aids with digging and planting bulbs. Another function of the concave shape allows seeds to be carried and carefully dispensed when seeding. And on top of all that, unlike similar Japanese garden tools the Japeto Hori Hori Trowel knife also has a measuring device on the blade allowing for accurate depth planting!
Many people who use Hori Hori knives have found that their more conventional garden tool cousins such as the garden trowel and garden fork become redundant as the Hori Hori garden trowel knife is so multi functional.
The Japeto Hori Hori knife trowel comes complete with holster/ blade protector and good quality Japeto canvas garden bag meaning you can preserve your garden tool and extend its life.

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Customer Reviews

(2 reviews)
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I have always wanted a Hori Hori knife!
Reviewed on 30/11/2017 by Tony Gainsborough, Gainsborough Home and Garden

I have always wanted one of these! Very nicely weighted, nice handle on it. The hori hori knife goes into the soil a lot easier than a normal trowel as it is narrower and concave. Lovely sharp edge with a measuring device for planting too!

Thanks for your Hori Hori knife review
Reply on 30/11/2017 by Japeto

Thanks for the review Tony. Hope you enjoy using the Japeto Hori Hori knife.


Superb tool
Reviewed on 23/08/2017 by Thomas Glaister, Henley on Thames

I cannot emphasise just how good Hori Hori knives are. I have now totally done away with my normal trowel and use this for all manner of things. I have purchased other Hori Hori knives, but this one is great quality and has lasted very well. Thank you Japeto!

Thank you Mr Glaister
Reply on 23/08/2017 by Japeto

Thank you so much for taking the time to review the Japeto Hori Hori knife. we agree it really is a versatile garden tool and we are very happy you are so pleased with it.