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Double edge Japanese Garden V hoe and weeder

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Double Edge Japanese Garden V Hoe & Weeder

Multi-function hand tool for planting, weeding and hoeing. Also for moving soil (i.e. ‘earthing up’ potatoes).

Handle: ergonomically crafted handle in wood 265mm.
Blade: sharp carbon steel 110mm x 87mm (tapering to 1mm).

Forms of this type of garden tool have existed as far back as the 1800’s. Particularly popular in Japanese gardens the Japeto double edged V hoe and weeder is an excellent cultivator and hand weeding hoe. Fashioned from hardened carbon steel this Japanese garden hoe has an action similar to that of a plough slicing and scything through the earth with ease.
Great for loosening and turning earth it can also be used for precision weeding in densely planted beds. However, as with most Japanese Garden tools, it has more than one function and the sharp end can be used to create holes, troughs, channels and grooves to facilitate planting of seeds or bulbs. The handle is manufactured from light weight wood meaning it makes weeding seem like lighter work, but most of all as with many Japanese garden tools, it is intuitive to use as the V -hoe becomes like an extension of your arm.

As with all Japeto garden tools the V-hoe comes complete in its own black canvas bag which can be used to store and maintain the product for many years to come.