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Japanese Folding Pruning Saw

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Japanese Garden Folding Saw

For light garden pruning. Small tooth folding ‘pull’ saw (i.e. cuts on the pull rather than push stroke).

Handle: varnished wood handle with slot for blade when closed 265mm. Fast blade lock and release button.
Blade: steel pull action 200mm. Can be returned to slot in handle when lock button is pressed.

Japanese saws work in the opposite way to the western style of saw in that they cut on the pull stroke rather than the push. In fact this is a more effective method of cutting for the following reasons:
1.    because the blade is not in tension on the push stroke (as with the British type) there is no bending of the blade as it is pulled through the wood
2.    the pull action is more natural and powerful than the push stroke.
However for a westerner, getting used to this type of saw action takes a little time and patience - but be sure that patience will be rewarded.
The medium blade folding pruning saw is handy because it is light in weight and because the blade folds into the handle so that the closed unit can be pocketed ready for the next cut.