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Tomato Sauce Seed Selection

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A Deluxe Collection of 3 seed packets to help you make your own tomato sauce at home, just like the Italians do!

San Marzano tomatoes, Genovese Basil, and a mild hot pepper, such the Cayenne Long Slim: a set of must have ingredients to cook the perfect tomato sauce — like every Italian does! Try one of the thousand recipes and styles to create a tasty and traditional pasta experience.

Contains 3 seed packets of:

  • Tomato San Marzano Nano
  • Basil Italiano Classico (Genovese)
  • Hot Pepper Cayenne Long Slim
  • Standard Open Pollinated Seed, No Hybrid, GMO Free

All seeds come in robust packaging with seeding/growing instructions.

Cayenne Long Slim Hot Pepper

Sowing: indoors Feb-March, outdoors May-June

Timing: germination 15-30 days, harvesting 70-90 days

Spacing: when sowing 3-5cm, when transplanting 25-35cm

Growing: full sun, regular moderate, well drained light and fertile soil, heavy feeder

Caring: did you know that container-grown peppers can also grow as perennials in colder climates if you bring them indoors for winter?

Supporting: pollinators will increase fruit set, ladybirds will prevent aphids’ attack

Harvesting: for maximum heat, wait until the fruit becomes completely red and begins to wrinkle. If you're less of a spice fan, then pick and enjoy them green

Medicinal: as Culpeper said, 'helps digestion, provokes urine, relieves toothache'

Eating: Cayenne peppers are used liberally in style of cooking ranging from Cajun and Mexican to various Asian cuisines. They can be used either in their powdered form or as a fresh chili

Italiano Classico (Genovese) Basil

Sowing: indoors Feb-March, outdoors Apr-June

Timing: germination 5-10 days, harvesting 40-60 days

Spacing: when sowing 1-3cm, when thinning 3-5cm

Growing: full sun to partial shade, regular watering not overdone, well drained light and moist soil, light feeder

Caring: prune this basil early and often by pinching off the upper set of leaves. Cut the flowers off to prevent the leaves from becoming bitter

Supporting: attracts bees and butterflies, repels aphids and mosquitos 

Harvesting: as fresh basil wilts and loses both its colour and fragrance soon after harvesting, it is best to keep basil in a glass of water and in a cool, dry, dark spot

Medicinal: refreshing and relaxing, basil stimulates appetite and lifts the mood

Eating: add garlic, salt, pine nuts, basil leaves, parmesan cheese, pecorino chees and olive oil to a pestle and mortar in this order, pounding them together. Hey presto, that's pesto!

San Marzano Nano Tomato

Sowing: indoors Feb-March, outdoors Apr-May

Timing: germination 10-20 days, harvesting 60-80 days

Spacing: when sowing 3-5cm, when transplanting 30-40cm

Growing: full sun, regular watering up to twice a day, well drained light and fertile soil, heavy feeder

Caring: support the plant with a single, stout stake and prune out all the side stems by simply snapping off the suckers with your fingers

Supporting: pollinators will increase fruit set, grow onions and garlic to deter pests

Harvesting: a tomato is at its flavour peak when it becomes deep red in colour and has a firm texture when the fruit is squeezed gently

Medicinal: rich in nutrients and vitamins, helps protect cells from aging

Eating: create the perfect tomato sauce by sweating some onions and then adding chopped tomato's, simmering on low for a long time to draw out the sweet taste. Add some torn basil!