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Panorama Mix Monarda (Bee Balm)

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Monarda, also known by several other names, including crimson bee balm. Scarlet bee balm or bergamot. An aromatic Northern American herb which grows in the wild. Known for its brilliant shades of scarlet, crimson red, pink and salmon.

Appearance: Scarlet, crimson red, pink and salmon flowers  

Latin Name: Monarda didyma

Name: Panorama Mix Monarda (Bee Balm)   

Variety: Herb  

Quantity: 180 seeds

Plant size: Height 75cm, width 25cm

Container size: Height 20cm, width 20cm

Sowing: Indoor February-March, Outdoors April-June

Timing: Germination 10-20 days, harvesting 50-70 days

Spacing: When sowing 3-5cm, when thinning 10-15cm

Growing: Full sun to partial shade, regular watering but not overdone, well-drained, light soil and light feeder when feeding  

Caring: To keep plants vigorous, divide them every two or three years.   

Supporting: Attracts bees, butterflies, and birds

Pests: May be attacked by slugs

Harvesting: Harvest mid-morning by clipping the base of the stalk. Gather the stems and hang to dry or spread the leaves and petals on a screen to naturally dry   

Medicinal: Used as a medicinal plant by many native Americans

Eating: Monarda tea can be made from both fresh and dry leaves, or it can be used as a herb

Companion plant: Tomato, pepper, melon, eggplant, lavender, snapdragon, marigold

All seeds come in robust packaging with seeding/growing instructions.