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Slim Jim aubergine is a beautiful dwarf egg plant variety from Italy. The winner of many awards for the patio vegetable category.

Even though the variety’s origins are not clear, most accounts agree that it is southern-Italian in origin and was first introduced by Italian seed company Fratelli Ingegnoli. Aubergines originated in Asia, being recorded first in the 6th century Chinese agricultural treatise Qímín Yàoshù. The plant was introduced to the Mediterranean region by Arabs in the Middle Ages. Aubergines have a somewhat unusual reputation in Italy – historically, it was thought that the whole plant could cause insanity. The name melanzana is derived from mela insana, meaning ‘insane apple’!

Appearance: Dark-purple foliage and bunches of long, slim, rich purple fruits make it a great addition to decorative or ornamental gardens.

Latin name: Solanum melongena

Name: Eggplant

Variety: Slim Jim

Quantity: 30 seeds

Plant size: Height 70 cm, Width 45 cm

Container size: Height 30 cm, Width 30 cm

Sowing: indoors Mar-Apr, outdoors May-June

Timing: germination 15-30 days, harvesting 90-120 days

Spacing: when sowing 3-5cm, when transplanting 30-40cm

Growing: full sun, regular watering up to twice a day, well drained light and fertile soil, heavy feeder

Caring: eggplants are a bit slower to germinate than many other plants. They require a temperature between 25°C and 30°C

Supporting: pollinators will increase fruit set, grow a trap crop to divert whitefly attacks

Harvesting: harvest slim jim eggplants when they are about 20cm long. Don't leave mature fruit left on the plant as this will decrease further fruit production 

Medicinal: eggplants are rich in nutrients and can be eaten freely!

Eating: even though fried eggplant is famous throughout the world as a key ingredient in parmigiana, the thin and firm Slim Jim variety lends itself to many culinary uses. Try it pickled!

Companion plant: Basil, peppers, okra, mints, thyme, catnip

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