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Hot Pepper Habanero Lemon seeds

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Habanero Lemon, also known as Yellow Habanero is a hot pepper, with a distinctive fruity and citrusy taste (and, according to some, even an apricot-like aroma).

Although fairly spicy, it does not exceed the capsaicin level, registering at about 100,000–300,000 on the Scoville scale, that’s still a lot! Named after the city of La Havana in Cuba, these peppers are most likely to have originated in the Amazon region, although they are very popular in the Caribbean.

Appearance: Lantern-shaped chili that matures from green to a stunning lemon yellow. The pods grow to about 5 cm long and 2.5 cm wide

Latin name: Capsicum Chinese

Name: Hot Pepper

Variety: Lemon Habanero

Quantity: 10 seeds

Plant size: Height 70 cm, Width 45 cm

Container size: Height 30 cm, Width 30 cm

Sowing: indoors Feb-March, outdoors May-June

Timing: germination 15-30 days, harvesting 90-120 days

Spacing: when sowing 3-5cm, when transplanting 25-35cm

Growing: full sun, regular watering and allow to dry out, well drained light and fertile soil, heavy feeding

Caring: habaneros like it hot! The soil temperature should be kept higher than 18°C to ensure good germination

Supporting: pollinators will increase fruit set, ladybirds will prevent aphids attacks

Harvesting: the more habanero peppers you pick, the more you will harvest! Pick the peppers often - as soon as they are ripe - to ensure a continuous harvest

Medicinal: they contain a high concentration of vitamins and minerals, and, can help to relieve pain.

Eating: Try them fresh from the plant, chopped and added to salads. Use them as a garnish for Caribbean recipes or add them to salsas, marinades and bottled condiments 

Companion plant: Basils, okra, onions, calendula, mints, oregano, thyme

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