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Home Hydroponic Kit - Akarina 14

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Akarina 14

One of two models, the Akarina 14 hydroponic home kit is made from high quality materials and includes LED technology that encourages plant growth.

The new hydroponic home model contains its own low-carbon footprint LED grow light. Gardeners can grow and harvest all types of plants, fruits, herbs and flowers without the use of sunlight. The Akarina 14 edition is much smaller in comparison to the 01 however the small and compact kit still impresses with the same LED system. The Akarina 14 comes with a built-in dimmer and timing unit! Users have the option for autonomous use of the grow light.

Akarina doesn’t need to use soil, it uses liquid fertiliser to help plants develop through their various growing stages. Gardeners can achieve amazing results, plants from seed to fully grown in approximately 40 days!

See the ‘How to Grow’ section below for more details:

  • Newest model: the Akarina 14 newest model, with its size slightly smaller than previous models, but fitted with the same high quality L.E.D.
  • Rapid growth: the grow-lights are made to ensure quick and effective growth for your plants.
  • Easy seeding and cleaning: the growing tray, constructed of resin, can be extracted the same as all other Akarina models, to ease seeding and cleaning of the product.
  • Time and dim: the integrated timer and dimmer functions on this model, allow you to customise your Akarina to exactly how you want and allow for efficient utilisation of the grow light.
  • Convenient size: Its smaller size makes it perfect for shelf, bookcase, or windowsill positioning in the home.
  • Quick and easy set up: Requires minimal time, easy to set up. Comes with 3m cable.
  • Neat & tidy: The plants absorb the nutrients they need directly from the irrigation tray underneath, where nutrient is poured directly into, meaning no soil is needed.
  • Winter friendly: Use your Akarina to grow plants all year round, even through the winter months.
  • Multi-functional and aesthetically pleasing: the sophisticated and sleek design of this Akarina makes it one of the best home hydroponic kits on the market, it also functions as a lamp and will look great in any room of your home.
  • Any seeds work: unlike other hydroponic systems that are only compatible with certain seeds or branded pre seeded pellets, this Akarina model is completely versatile and allows you to use any type of seeds, so you’re not limited on what you grow. Some fruit varieties, herb and flower grow faster than others.

Product includes:

  • Akarina 14 LED Growlight with integrated timer and dimmer function
  • 1 x main LED grow light unit
  • 1 x culture tray
  • 1 x irrigation tray
  • 5 x closure caps
  • 10 x rooting sponges
  • 1 x power supply


Dimensions and power usage:

  • Size: Width: 210mm x Depth 100mm x Height 274 mm
  • Weight: 0.6kg (approx. 0.7 kg with maximum water)
  • Input: AC 100-240 V
  • Output: DC 1 2 V
  • Power Consumption: 6W
  • Electric wire length: 1.8m
  • Material of unit: Resin

Packing Details:

  • Carton packaging (Size: TBD)

Product Details:

  • Planter with LED lighting
  • Plastic trays
  • Plastic covers
  • Plastic caps
  • Grow sponges

User Manual:

The Akarina 14 comes with a user manual. The manual provides important information about electrical compliance, safety advisory and extra information/ instructions. X1 manual is included within the box.


Warranty and Return policy:

This product is covered with 12 months from the date of original purchase. Please contact us immediately if the product fails due to malfunction (proof of purchase will be needed to launch warranty claim).

Please also note that the following points are excluded from the warranty cover:

  • Product purchased as 2nd hand item or used
  • Product purchased from unauthorized distributors/retailers
  • Product damaged from abusive care/misuse
  • Product damaged from chemical/fire/radioactive/poisonous liquid and natural disaster
  • Product damaged caused by 3rd party/person/object

The specially designed lens emits LED light which allows plants to grow faster in comparison to plants outside with the natural use of sunlight; with an impressive first harvest within 4-6 weeks*. The hydroponic range allows plants to consume the nutrition they need straight from the plant nutrient that gardeners can pour into the irrigation tray underneath. Plant growth can be boosted by switching the LED lights on and off depending on the specific time that is required. Ideal for users who have little to no gardening experience.

The Akarina range has been designed to fit all various settings/ spaces. Using the dimmer function can give users the option to choose the ideal scale of brightness. The low-carbon footprint hydroponic system uses little power too.

*Growth period will be dependent on the type of seed and room climate.