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Home Hydroponic Kit - Akarina 01

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Akarina 01

Introducing the Akarina 01 Hydroponic growing system from Japeto… Now you can keep growing your favourite plants, fruits, herbs, and flowers throughout the winter. Ideal for gardeners who don’t have a lot of outdoor space and great for chefs in the kitchen. For example, imagine being able to grow and access fresh basil any time of the year… you can say goodbye to buying a basil plant from the supermarket which only dies a week later. Just buy a selection of Picollo seeds and away you go.

Japeto offer two models of Akarina Grow-Lights, the Akarina 01 and the Akarina 14. Both home hydroponic kits are constructed using extremely high quality materials and feature the same ground breaking L.E.D technology that produces optimised plant growth.

Both models have their own high efficiency, low-carbon footprint, L.E.D Grow-Lights built in, allowing gardeners to cultivate all types of plants, fruits, herbs and flowers from seed without sunlight.

This fantastic home hydroponic system does not use soil, but instead uses liquid fertiliser to cultivate the plants through each stage of the growing cycle. You can achieve growth from seed to fully grown plant in around 40 days!

Also comes with a free bottle of nutrient liquid & packet of seeds.

See the 'How to Grow' section below for more details.

Exceptional quality: Produced by Tokyo based Olympia Lighting Fixtures Industries, a Japanese multinational lighting manufacturer established in 1966, and known for its outstanding product quality and technical innovation worldwide.

Easy to set up and fun to use: Very minimal setup. Comes with three removable culture trays – which make seeding and watering extremely easy. Comes with a 3m cable.

Neat & tidy – No soil is required: Plants absorb the nutrition needed directly from the nutrient which is poured into the irrigation tray underneath.

Use all year round: Keep growing throughout the winter!

A beautiful lamp! Probably the most aesthetically pleasing home hydroponic kit on the market. Looks great as a lamp anywhere in the house.

Plug & play: Comes with integrated timer and dimmer function.

Use with ANY type of seeds! Other hydroponic systems on the market insist you must use the same brand of seeds or pre seeded pellets…not the Akarina 01. You can use any type of seeds. Some varieties of fruit, herb and flower grow faster than others.

Size: 320mm (W) x 350mm (H)

Product warranty. The Akarina 01 is covered by a warranty for 12 months from the date of original purchase (more information available in the next tab).

Included within the product: 

  • Akarina LED hydroponic growlight with dimmer function
  • X1 main unit with LED lights & X3 irrigation trays
  • X3 irrigation tray covers
  • 3 culture trays
  • X14 plastic closure caps
  • X30 rooting sponges
  • X1 UK power supply plug
  • X1 operating manual
  • X1 starter pack; gourmet salad leaf seeds & X1 bottle of nutrients liquid

How to grow: 

Product dimensions & power usage:

  • Size: Width: 320mm X Height: 350mm
  • Weight: 2.1KG (approximately 3.9KG with maximum level of water)
  • Input: AC 100-240V
  • Output: DC 1 2 V
  • Power consumption: 22W
  • Electrical wire length: 3M
  • Unit material: Resin

Packaging details:

  • Carton packaging:
  • Size: Width: 350mm X Depth: 350mm X Height: 425mm

Product details:

  • Planter with LED lighting
  • Plastic trays
  • Plastic covers
  • Plastic caps & grow sponges

User Manual:

Please use the manual which states all safety, electrical compliance information and any extra instructions for use. X1 user manual is included.


Warranty/return policy:

The Akarina range is covered with an Olympia warranty which is covered for 12 months from the date of original purchase. Within that time, if the product fails as a result of manufacturing, please contact Japeto in order to process the warranty claim.

*Please provide proof of purchase to claim the warranty.

 Excluded from the Olympia warranty cover:

  • Devices purchased as 2nd hand goods or used items
  • Devices purchased from unauthorised retailers or distributors
  • Damage because of misuse and abuse
  • Damage from chemical, fire, radioactive substance, or poisonous liquid
  • Damage from a natural disaster
  • Damaged caused by any person/object/ 3rd party

Akarina is designed using a special lens that evenly provides LED light which will enable plants to grow fast without the aid of natural sunlight. The first harvest is within 4-6 weeks*. The Akarina range is a hydroponic system which doesn’t require any soil. Plants absorb the nutrition needed directly from the nutrient which is poured into the irrigation tray underneath. Akarina takes the responsibility of making sure plants are cared for by turning the LED lights on and off for a set amount of time. Perfect for those who have little/ no gardening experience or as a great introductory gift to gardening world.

Inspired by the lack of outside space in Tokyo (unless you are willing to pay for it) the Akarina range is designed to fit into any space/ room indoors. The dimmer function allows users to choose their ideal scale of brightness. The power consumption is minimal as the Akarina range are powered by efficient LED’s.

*Time frame of growth period will be influenced by the seed and room conditions.