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Holy Green Basil

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Holy basil is an aromatic perennial plant. In Southeast Asia is it widely cultivated for traditional medicine purposes such as herbal teas in Ayurveda.

Appearance: Fragile green leaves 

Latin Name: Ocimum tenuiflorum

Name: Holy Green Basil

Variety: Basil

Quantity: 400 seeds

Plant size: Height 60cm, width 60cm

Container size: Height 20cm, width 20cm

Sowing: Indoor February-March, Outdoors April-May

Timing: Germination 7-14 days, harvesting 40-60 days

Spacing: When sowing 2-3cm, when transplanting 5-10cm

Growing: Full sun, regular but not overdone watering, well-drained, light, and moist soil, light feeder for feeding

Caring: Tulsi plants are sensitive to frost; it can be grown in temperature climates as long as you wait until the frost has passed.

Supporting: Pollinators attracts bees and butterflies

Pests: Caterpillars and aphids attack it

Harvesting: Harvest the plants leaves regularly, in small amounts. Pinch leaves gently as they can bruise which can lead to damaging the taste or scent.

Medicinal: Teas bring clarity and beat stress. The act of drinking itself can be as calming as yoga.

Eating: Can be used in Thai cuisine. Holy basil has the nickname ‘hot basil’

Companion plant: Coriander, mint, oregano, thyme, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants

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