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Common Anise

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Anise is native to the Mediterranean and is one of the oldest known spice plants. Used for both cooking and medicinal purposes, it has a sweet and very aromatic licoricey-y flavour. Anise seeds can be used whole or ground up to make teas and for confectionery purposes.

Appearance: Green leaves, looks a lot like dill

Latin Name: Physalis peruviana

Name: Common Anise

Variety: Spice  

Quantity: 120 seeds

Plant size: Height 60cm, width 45cm

Container size: Height 30cm, width 30cm

Sowing: Indoor not required, Outdoors April-June

Timing: Germination 10-15 days, harvesting 90-120 days

Spacing: When sowing 3-5cm, when thinning 15-20cm

Growing: Full sun, regular, allow to dry out, well-drained, light and fertile soil, light feeder when feeding

Caring: Anise plants are annuals, but their lives can be extended by bringing them indoors before the first frost of autumn     

Supporting: Attracts bees, butterflies and birds

Pests: Attracts wasps that in turn eat aphids

Harvesting: Harvest seeds from late summer to early autumn. Hang the stalks upside down in a warm, dry, shady place    

Medicinal: Anise seeds when chewed raw are a miracle remedy for any digestive issues    

Eating: Can be used in baking to add flavour to gourmet bread and to enhance the sweetness of pastries, cakes and cookies   

Companion plant: Coriander, beans. Do not plant nearby carrots

All seeds come in robust packaging with seeding/growing instructions.