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Catnip Nepeta

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In France Nepeta was used to make tea prior to the arrival of Chinese teas. Nowadays, the most well-known use of catnip is as an attractant for cats. Our furry friends are drawn to – it has strong behavioural effects across the cat family.

Appearance: Green like leaves  

Latin Name: Nepeta cataria

Name: Catnip Nepeta

Variety: Herb  

Quantity: 300 seeds

Plant size: Height 60cm, width 20cm

Container size: Height 30cm, width 30cm

Sowing: Indoor not required, Outdoors February-March

Timing: Germination 7-15 days, harvesting 40-60 days

Spacing: When sowing 1-3cm, when thinning 3-5cm

Growing: Full sun to partial shade, regular watering, but not overdone, well-drained, light and poor soil, addition fertilizer is not necessary

Caring: Mice and rats hate catnip      

Supporting: Attracts bees and butterflies

Pests: Repels ants, aphids, beetles, cockroaches   

Harvesting: Harvest the catnip leaves any time during the growing season. The oils enhance when the plant is in flower      

Medicinal: It’s believed when chewed, catnip root can make a person fierce      

Eating: Young catnip leaves are edible when raw. They have an aromatic, mint-like flavour and can be eaten in cold dishes. The fresh young shoots are good in spring salads or rubbed into meat

Companion plant: Mint, lemon balm, onions, garlic, chives, chamomile  

All seeds come in robust packaging with seeding/growing instructions.