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Cape Gooseberry Golden Berry

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Native to Brazil, the berry is considered a sweet version of the cherry tomato with a sour note that is like cranberry. Cape Gooseberry plants are very easy to grow in pots and require so little maintenance.

Appearance: Yellow-orange fruit wrapped inside a lantern-like cape

Latin Name: Physalis peruviana

Name: Cape Gooseberry Golden Berry    

Variety: Fruit  

Quantity: 125 seeds

Plant size: Height 70cm, width 45cm

Container size: Height 30cm, width 30cm

Sowing: Indoor February-March, Outdoors April-May

Timing: Germination 7-15 days, harvesting 90-120 days

Spacing: When sowing 3-5cm, when transplanting 30-40cm

Growing: Full sun, regular, heavy watering, well-drained, light and poor soil, addition fertilizer is not necessary

Caring: The Cape Gooseberry seems to thrive on neglect. Decrease watering when the fruits are ripening    

Supporting: Pollinators will increase the fruit set  

Pests: Distracts caterpillars from other cultivation  

Harvesting: Pick the fruits when they fall to the ground or when there covers turn papery    

Medicinal: Considered as one of the latest trends on the ‘super food’ list  

Eating: The ripe fruits can be eaten on their own or in salads. They also add a sweet-sour note to pies, desserts and jams   

Companion plant: Tomatoes, basils, okra, chives, calendula, mint

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