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Gardeners Japeto Water Bottle

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NEW - The Japeto insulated stainless steel water bottle - available in 12 great colours with personalisation.

It's thirsty work being a gardener... get yourself an insulated water bottle from Japeto, drink ice cold water and keep hydrated all day long on those hot summer days. Great as a gift for the busy gardener!

All Bottles will come with the Japeto logo engraved on it as standard (as per the black bottle opposite). Bottles shown without the logo are for colour reference.

Now available with personalisation!

You can choose from any of the 12 great colours including Black, White, Dark Blue, Denim blue, Hot Pink, Turquoise and many more!

Get your name engraved on the side!

500ml capacity water bottle

Superb quality, insulated bottle keeps drinks cold all day, or keep drinks hot just as well!

*If you would like a personalised wooden gift tag this will come with string and be attached to the handle of the product within the canvas bag ready for gifting

Product Personalisation

Please note delivery time for personalised products is 5 working days although we will of course endeavour to deliver sooner

Side of bottle (Laser marked) (Max 15 characters) £6.95

Gift Tag (Will come with string and be attached to the handle of the product) (Max 80 characters) £6.95

Customer Reviews

(2 reviews)
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Chilled water
Reviewed on 11/06/2020 by Garetteo Williams (G10), Walthamstow

Personally I take a gardeners bottle of chilled water to bed of an evening... Wake up at 4am with a throat as dry as Gandhis flip flop? No problem, cold water at my fingertips. Thanks Japeto!

Night time routine!
Reply on 11/06/2020 by Japeto

Haha...its great to hear about a gardeners night time routine Garetteo!

They can also be used on a hot summers day to keep you hydrated while gardening...equally hot drinks stay hot for the winter months.

Thank you for your kind words.

Well done Japeto!
Reviewed on 10/06/2020 by Danielle Pauline Gladdis, Esher

Can I just say! I poured a coffee into one of Japetos Thermos named flasks at 9.20 this morning. Just had a sip. Its 11.40 now. Still boiling! Well done Japeto. Quality product.

Thank you Danielle!
Reply on 10/06/2020 by Japeto

That really is a lovely review. These water bottles are certainly quality of the highest order!