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Japanese Garden Shears (short handles)

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Japanese Garden Shears 

Lightweight short handle shears for clipping, shaping, cutting hedges and bushes (i.e. box plants).

Handles: ergonomically crafted handles in wood 280mm. Spring to open position.
Blades: sharp carbon steel 150mm.
Opening: sprung opening system makes for easy working with closing catch when not in use.

What is the difference between a normal set of garden shears and Japeto garden shears? The answer again comes down to versatility and ease of use.
Japanese style garden shears tend to be lighter in weight due to the ergonomically crafted wood handles. A lighter weight of garden shears allows more accuracy in clipping and shaping bushes and hedges such as box plants. The lighter weight allows the user to be able to carry on shaping and clipping for longer as the shears are less tiring to use than heavier equivalents. The blades are crafted from carbon steel rather than stainless steel. The Japanese have been using carbon steel going back centuries as it really does offer a better ‘cut’ than most stainless steel options. The reason for this is that although carbon steel is harder than stainless steel, it is easier to sharpen. Carbon steel also stays sharper a lot longer than stainless steel. Japanese gardeners have recognised this advantage for years and that is why most Japanese knives and cutting tools are fashioned from carbon steel. Finally the sprung opening system for Japeto garden shears is the traditional opening system used on most Japanese garden cutting tools and allows for easy working.
Carbon steel does require an element of maintenance and after cleaning carbon steel it should then be protected with a thin layer of oil. Traditionally Japanese gardeners have used Camellia oil to do this, but for non-traditionalists a market wide oil lubricant could be used as the function of the oil is to protect and maintain.

Customer Reviews

(3 reviews)
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Short handled shears
Reviewed on 17/06/2019 by Matthew of Oswestry

The quality and speed of service of Japeto is exemplary.  I ordered these shears on one day and they arrived the next and all of their packaging is recyclable with negligible use of plastic which is a must for me.  The short handled shears are bliss to use but take a little getting used to as they are sprung like secateurs.  Once you do you can’t work out how you ever coped without them.  They are so light (but strong) that you can even use them one handed (by sliding your hand closer to the blades) which is very useful if you want to pull away separate stems with one hand whilst clipping them with the other. The oak handles are very effective at absorbing shock which is good for my shoulders after a day of precision hand cutting both sides of a 30m hedge and the carbon steel blades hold a very long lasting edge (just make sure you oil them).  I will continue to recommend this Company and its products to all my horticultural friends and colleagues.

Thank you Matthew
Reply on 17/06/2019 by Japeto

Thanks for such a lovely gardeners review.

Great value and superb quality shears
Reviewed on 05/12/2017 by E M S Macarthy, Wandsworth

Just ordered and had these shears delivered NEXT DAY!!!! Could not believe the price for the quality! They are really light weight probably because of the wood handles i assume. Either way they cut brilliantly - cannot recommend enough!

Garden shears
Reply on 05/12/2017 by Japeto

Thanks for your review Mr Macarthy. We are delighted you are so happy with the Japeto garden shears. we hope you get many happy days gardening from them.

Great products, brilliantly packaged
Reviewed on 30/11/2017 by L Griffiths

I bought a selection of items including the Japeto Grass and herbaceous sickle, shears, hoe and fork, secateurs and the hand held rake. All are brilliantly packaged and all came complete with a lovely black canvas bag each!

Highly recommended.

Japeto canvas bags
Reply on 30/11/2017 by Japeto

Thanks for your kind words. We like to make sure you not only get a great garden product, but that also the experience of receiving it (whether that be you or a lucky recipient as present) is a pleasure.